County Planning Department

Forrest County Planning Department
P.O. Box 1310
Hattiesburg, MS 39403-1310
601-583-7507  – Office
601-583-3575 – Fax

Who We Are

The Forrest County Planning Department was established in August of 2000 through an act of the Board of Supervisors. Since its inception, the Planning Department has been involved in a variety of projects and initiatives designed to improve the quality of life of the citizens of Forrest County.

If you have needs for services or products not listed here, please feel free to contact us to see if we can help meet your needs. We take great pride in ensuring that our Planning staff is equipped with the latest technology and information to meet the needs of not only the Board of Supervisors but also the people of Forrest County. In addition, we provide support and services to a variety of public, and private organizations such as the Pearl to Leaf Rivers Recreational District, the Glandale and Brooklyn Utility Districts, the Metropolitan Planning Organization, the Forrest County Volunteer Fire Departments and others. We also provide valuable support to other County departments including those led by elected and appointed officials.

Prior to any development (small or large), contact our office to ensure you are in compliance with the county’s ordinances.  We do not issue certificates of occupancy or administer building codes. However, we do have a stormwater ordinance, floodplain development ordinance and subdivision ordinance.  A summary of each of the aforementioned can be found below in the “Development Process” link below.

County Services

  • Geographic Information Systems
  • Plan development
  • Data research, collection and analysis including but not limited to census and other demographic data
  • Grant source research, writing and administration
  • Phase II Storm Water coordination
  • Environmental program management
  • Multi-media presentation services
  • Special project management
  • Photographic and publishing services
  • Administrative support services
  • Constituent Services
  • Board of Supervisor liaison on Planning issues
  • Data research, collection and analysis
  • Mapping services
  • Flood Plain Management
  • Illegal dumping remediation
  • General consultation on Planning related issues


  • Storm Water Quiz

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