Tax Collector

Forrest County Tax Collector Zac Howell

601 582-8228  email:

601 N. Main St.

The Tax Collector’s office is located in the newly renovated Tax Services Building located at 601 N. Main Street in downtown Hattiesburg.  The Tax Collector is responsible for collections of all property taxes on the following classes of property:

Property Taxes:
Due January 1st of each year. Property taxes are collected on all real property in Forrest County as well as Business Personal Property. The property is appraised by the Tax Assessor and compiled for the Tax Rolls.  Once the Tax Rolls are turned over to the Board of Supervisors, the public is given a chance to review the assessments and file protests on any assessment considered unfair or incorrect.  After the protest period, the Tax Rolls are approved by the Board of Supervisors and the Mississippi State Tax Commission.  After the Rolls are completed the Tax Collector applies the applicable assessment ratio and calculates the taxes based on the tax levy set by the Board of Supervisors and/or the governing board of the City of Hattiesburg and the City of Petal.

After the Tax Collector receives the Tax Rolls and the taxes are calculated, statements are mailed either to the mortgage companies or to individual taxpayers on the mailing list. If a taxpayer wishes to be added to the mailing list the taxpayer should call (601) 582-8228  or write to: PO. Box 1689, Hattiesburg, MS 39403.

Taxpayers should notify the Tax Collector of all changes in address or mortgage status.

Motor Vehicle Registrations:
Ad valorem taxes and motor vehicle privilege taxes are collected at the time of registration of all motor vehicles. Ad valorem taxes on motor vehicles include county, municipal and separate school district taxes. A license plate is issued and is renewable annually.  The Tax Collector processes the Mississippi Title applications and collects sales tax on casual purchases of motor vehicles.  A new registration must be obtained within seven working days of a purchase of a motor vehicle.  When a person moves into this state from another state, a Mississippi registration must be obtained within 30 days of the move.

Mobile/Manufactured Home Taxes:
Ad valorem taxes on a mobile home include county, municipal and separate school taxes.  A mobile home must be registered within seven days of purchase and taxes are due within 90 days.  Thereafter, taxes are due January  of each year.  All purchases from a dealer must be titled, while with purchases from individuals titling is still optional until the first title is issued. Registration is $ 1.00 and must be completed before utilities can be supplied by the utility companies.

A taxpayer can declare a mobile home as real property and have it assessed on the Realty roll by paying a $12.00 fee.

For more information contact: 601 582-8228 ; Fax 601 545-6093


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