Recreation Centers

Forrest County, Mississippi has 14 Recreation Centers located throughout the county. These facilities must be reserved with an appropriate deposit for residents to use on a first come first serve basis. Deposits may vary. While each center’s rules will differ these listed below apply to all the county’s centers.

The Board of Supervisors have adopted the following rules to govern the use of the County’s Community Centers:No alcoholic beverages allowed No admission fee can be charged for the use of Community Center Facilities.Facilities cannot be used for personal financial gain.Charity and nonprofit activities and fundraisers are allowed and encouraged.

The Board also requires that the following be done after an event at a Community Center:Sweep and mop if necessary. Wipe off tables and counter tops. Remove any event related items from the refrigerator. Remove trash and place in outside containers for disposal. Put new liners in all trash cans. Liners may be found in the outside storage room. Sweep outside if necessary. Turn off the air conditioner or heater. Close and lock all windows. Make sure that all doors are locked. Turn off all lights. Return the key to the person or place that you obtained it from.

Forrest County Recreation Centers

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