Tax Assessor

Mary Ann Palmer, Forrest County Tax Assessor

Forrest County Tax Services Building, 601 N. Main Street

(601) 545-6130

The Forrest County Tax Assessor has three primary functions:

1. Assessing Real and Personal Property
2. Homestead Exemption
3. License of Pawnshops in the County

Assessing Property:  Your Tax Assessor assesses your property assessment which includes your Land and buildings and is estimated at fair market value.  This is the price that someone would pay for your property in its present condition.  This Procedure is done yearly, in order to maintain the most accurate appraisal. If you add on to your present building, it increases your value.  If you tear a building down or if it is in a poor state of repair, it decreases property value.

Receiving Homestead Exemption:  Homestead Exemption is available to anyone who is a homeowner, is a resident of their home, and pays all local and state taxes in the taxing district in which they reside.

Homestead exemption is a tax break to the resident/homeowner.

License of Pawnshops in the County: The Tax Assessor also processes applications for licensing of pawnshops in the county (outside the city limits). These applications are available in the Tax Assessor’s office.

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