Law Enforcement

The Forrest County Sheriff’s Office (601) 544-7800

The Forrest County Sheriff is Charlie Sims

The Forrest County Sheriff’s Office exists because the community, through government, empowers the Sheriff’s Office to do a job on its behalf. The Sheriff’s Office and its employees are tasked to function effectively, partly through personal endeavors and commitment to the profession, but primarily because the community has faith and confidence in our ability to accomplish the task of enforcing the laws of the land and responding to the community concerns in an honest and impartial manner. The citizens of Forrest County are entitled to expect:

  • A Sheriff’s Office that is beyond reproach in matters of integrity.
  • Impartial and courteous services.
  • Open and honest communication that encourages trust.
  • Responsible management of Sheriff’s Office resources.

The policy of the department is to ensure that all employees maintain an exemplary standard of personal integrity and ethical conduct in their relationships with other employees and the community.

Sheriff Sims is a career law enforcement officer with over 37 years of experience. After graduating from the University of Southern Mississippi, Sims worked his way up through the ranks of the Hattiesburg Police Department to the position of Chief of Police. Under Sims’s leadership, the Hattiesburg Police Department was recognized for several accomplishments in the area of community policing and the department was recognized as a law enforcement leader in the state.

After twenty years at Hattiesburg, Sims retired and went to work for the Mississippi Police Corps, a federal scholarship program that trained college graduates in the field of law enforcement. Again, Sims worked his way up through the organization and eventually became the National Director of Staff Development for Police Corps. This position involved training police corps instructors across the nation and conducting assessments to insure compliance with police corps standards.

After five years in this position, federal funds were no longer allocated and Sims began his career at the Forrest General Hospital Department of Public Safety where he held that position until being elected Sheriff of Forrest County in 2019.

Sheriff Charlie Sims

Major Julie Flowers- Major of Corrections

Major Jamie Humphrey- Major of Operations

Captain Kent Banks- Captain of Direct Support

Captain Robert Gray- Captain of Transport

Captain Connie Keene- Captain of Investigation

Captain Jamie Tedford- Captain of Patrol

Scott Lees- Public Information Officer

Forrest County Sheriff’s Office
55 Arena Drive Hattiesburg, MS 39401

  • Dispatch:  601- 544-7800
  • Adult Correctional Facility  601-545-6148
  • Juvenile Detention Center:  601-545-6183,  601-545-6184