County Chancery Clerk

Lance Reid, Chancery Clerk

Physical Address: 641 N Main St. Hattiesburg, MS 39401

Mailing Address: Po Box 951 Hattiesburg MS 39403

Main Office: Recording/Child Support:


Land Records/Prior Year Taxes:

Court Department:


The Chancery Clerk has five major responsibilities:

  1. Clerk of the Board of Supervisors
  2. Clerk for the Chancery Court
  3. County Recorder
  4. County Treasurer
  5. County Auditor


  • Attending and maintaining the minuets of chancery court
  • Creating and maintaining files for each chancery suit
  • Issuing process for service upon defendants
  • Recording the court’s activities in various docket and minuet books
  • Maintaining dockets
  • Processing all phases of civil commitments
  • Receiving and accounting for various filing fees required to accompany pleadings and appeals
  • Attending each session of the Chancery Court
  • Transmitting statistical data to the Mississippi Supreme Court, AOC\
  • Processing the court’s record(s) for appellate review


  • Creating and maintaining various indexes for documents filed in the public land records (i.e., sectional index, direct/reverse index, ect…)
  • Collects Delinquent Real Property Taxes
  • Creating and maintaining volumes which contain copies of all documents filed and indexed in the public land records (i.e., deed books, deed of trust books, or some combination thereof, etc…)
  • Receiving and accounting for various filing fees required to accompany documents left for recording
  • Maintaining all records of property sold for taxes by the county tax collector each year and accepting and processing payment in redemption of those taxes.


  • Receiving and processing claims made against the county, which necessarily includes maintaining the county’s Docket of Claims
  • Assisting the board in equalizing the assessment rolls of the real and personal property
  • Compiling various reports on the board’s behalf and submitting them to other state governmental entities as required
  • Receiving and processing all applications made for homestead exemption and reporting there onto the State Tax Commission
  • Assisting the board in preparing the annual county budget (not required, but routinely done as a courtesy to the board)
  • Submitting a monthly report of all county funds to the board


  • Keeping accounts with each county office
  • Keeping ledger accounts of all receipts and disbursements of county funds
  • Keeping financial records for all county officers responsible for receiving or collecting money for the county, including a detailed account for debits warrants and properly documenting funds paid to the county

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